Community No. 18

Community No. 18 – Thanks to Paul Justison, Ian Mark, C. Allen Harrison, Sue Blaustein, Christopher Horton, Frances An, Mingzhao Xu, Agnes Marton, Sarah Lynn Knowles, and Frank Orloson for sharing their wonderful work with our Community. Congrats to all!

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Literary Magazine Salon at The New York Society Library

We introduced Digging Through The Fat to a lovely crowd of literary lovers at the beautiful New York Society Library. Tobias Carroll, Lauren Hilger, and Bud Smith all gave stellar readings. I was overwhelmed with the response we received for the journal and for these amazing people’s words. Thank you so much to Carolyn Waters, Head Librarian at The New York Society Library for inviting Digging to participate. Much love to Guernica, especially publisher, Katherine Rowland, editors: Raluca Albu and Meara Sharma, and Guernica’s special guests: Carmen Maria Machado and Ann Neumann. It was a great night for all involved.

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Stories No. 57 – Eileen Merriman

TRIO OF SOPHIES by Eileen Merriman

The boy has been watching her for weeks. His eyes tattoo a pattern on the back of her neck in class. At lunchtime she feels his gaze sweep over her as she walks past with Sophie-P and Sophie-G. A trio of Sophies, Mr James says in PE. But it’s only her hips his hands linger on when he is helping her balance on the beam, only her breasts his fingers brush past when he is adjusting her tennis serve.

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