Digging Through The Fat is a web journal for cultural omnivores. We began in 2013 as a call for literary action. We want to encourage risks and redefine narratives. Our mission is to nurture experimentation in the arts.

But, what is up with our name, Digging Through The Fat?

Imagine you are on the subway, sitting across a young woman. Perhaps you are tired, had a hard day at work, or a rough time at the Whole Foods. Perhaps all you notice about this young woman is how she is avoiding your stare. In this first peek, you take in the obvious details about her and where you are. On your next glimpse, you notice her angular face, how it’s tense, elegant, and glittering. You look at the window behind her head and see a reflection of what she is staring at above your head. It’s a badly worded ad for a meditation app. Now you look at her again as she picks tiny pills of wool from the sleeve of her pink sweater. This progression of details and imagery is what we mean by Digging Through The Fat.

Now let us address this cultural omnivore business…

Our founder and editor grew up in a working-class household in Inwood, an immigrant community in New York City. At thirteen, she was pretty adept at impersonating her mom’s voice over the phone, so she called in sick to school many times. She wasn’t interested in finding a guide or curator. She wanted to discover culture on her own. All she needed to feed her hunger for high, middle, and low culture was a couple subway tokens and enough money to buy a hot dog or pizza slice.

We showcase prose, poetry, and visual arts from emerging and established creative folks throughout the year. We hold two reading periods: poetry in the Spring/Summer and fiction in the Fall/Winter. We also publish personal essays, interviews, reviews, artworks, and links to published works.

In July 2015, this web magazine became part of Digging Through The Fat Press, LLC, an organization committed to promoting the literary and visual arts via a web and print journal, podcast, social media platforms, and micro press.



Gessy Alvarez
Founder and Editor

Cynthia Alvarez
Creative Director


Staff Readers
Ernesto L. Abeytia, David S. Atkinson, Alexis Groulx, and Karen Levy


Past Guest Editors

Roberto Carlos Garcia
2016 Guest Poetry Editor

Dickson Lam
2016 Fiction

Michelle Peñaloza
2015 Poetry