Digging Through The Fat | ripping out the heart began as a call for literary action. We publish prose/poetry from emerging and established writers and poets throughout the year. We also periodically publish personal essays, interviews, reviews, and links to published works. Our mission is to nurture a diverse community of artists, writers, poets, photographers, and publishers.

What we want from literature and art is truth, beauty, and humanity. Our world is bloated with distractions. Meaning has become a malleable commodity. We are Romantics and believe Expression is the exception.

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Gessy Alvarez
Founder and Editor

Cynthia Alvarez
Creative Director

Roberto Carlos Garcia
2016 Guest Poetry Editor

2017 Guest Fiction Editor

Staff Readers

Ernesto L. Abeytia, David S. Atkinson, and Alexis Groulx.


Past Guest Editors

Dickson Lam
2016 Fiction

Michelle Peñaloza
2015 Poetry

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